Co-Founder of LJ. At 31 years old she is a Nutritionist and current owner of LA JOSEFINA ARGENTINA. Josefina has long expertise in jewelry design, and through these last years has gained huge knowledge to run this business standing out for her amazing social media strategy. She is also the face behind the branding and production.



Co-Founder of LJ. Agustin is 33 years old, has a Finance Degree and owns a food distributor in Argentina. He has an extended background in Accounting, Marketing, and Business Administration. Great at managing and team builder. 

Where the Magic Comes to Life

La Josefina Arg was founded in a small city from Buenos Aires in 2015, where we began to take our first steps in this industry. Combining the jewelry making hobby with the passion for business, the brand became one of the trendiest of the city.

Since then, all our creations were inspired to accompany every woman who wants to elevate their outfits with the most radiance accessories.


Our Journey to the US

Having launched in Miami with this new project is one of our most beautiful couple achieves. We grew together, standing one for each other, and now with great enthusiasm starting this Family Project : La Josefina Usa.

Thank you for stopping by! We hope you could join us
in this amazing journey and choose our fancy lovely creations!